Emoji Bridal Shower Pictionary Game

The “Emoji Bridal Pictionary” game is a lively and entertaining activity to include in your bridal shower. Guests will enjoy deciphering the phrases represented by a set of emojis. Here’s how to play:

How to Play Emoji Bridal Pictionary

  1. Prepare the Game Cards: Create game cards with a set of emojis that represent various wedding-related phrases or words. Each card will have emojis arranged in a specific pattern to form a phrase. Prepare an answer key with the correct phrases corresponding to the emoji combinations.
  2. Distribute Materials: Hand out a game card and a pen or pencil to each player. Explain the rules of the game and the objective.
  3. Guess the Phrase: Players must study the emojis on their game cards and try to decipher the corresponding wedding-related phrase or word. They write their guesses on the designated spaces.
  4. Set a Timer: Set a timer for around 5 minutes (you can use the timer on your phone or play 1-2 songs from the bride’s music playlist).
  5. Reveal the Answers: After the timer runs out, the bridal shower host reveals the correct answers using the answer key.
  6. Score the Game: Players tally their correct answers and give themselves 1 point for each phrase they guessed correctly.
  7. Determine the Winner: The player with the most points wins the game and receives a prize. In case of a tie, consider having a tie-breaker question or providing multiple prizes.

Three bridal shower emoji Pictionary game cards with a white background

Sample Emoji Phrases for Bridal Pictionary:

Here are some sample emoji phrases that you can use for the “Emoji Bridal Pictionary” game:

  1. 🎉👰🎈
  2. 💐🎈🔜
  3. 💍👦
  4. 🍸⏰
  5. 😊👰
  6. 💋💍
  7. 🎂🔪
  8. 🏖️🌴
  9. 🥂🥂
  10. 🍽️🍹💃
  11. 👸🐸👑
  12. 👧🌸
  13. 🎀🆕🔑🔵
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Ideas for game prizes:

When choosing game prizes for “Emoji Bridal Pictionary,” consider items that are fun, appealing, and related to the theme of the bridal shower. Here are some prize ideas:

  • Mini bottles of wine or champagne.
  • Chocolates or other sweets.
  • Coffee mugs with cute designs.
  • Gift cards to local restaurants or shops.
  • Target or Amazon gift cards.
  • Adult coloring books or puzzle sets.
  • Themed gift baskets, such as spa-themed or relaxation-themed.

The “Emoji Bridal Pictionary” game is a great way to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable during the bridal shower. Guests will have a blast decoding the emojis and competing to win the game.

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