150 Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions To Ask (Best Tips)

The wedding shoe game, also known as the newlywed game, injects quick and light-hearted amusement into your wedding reception, particularly as guests wind down after their dinner. Not only will it induce laughter among your family and friends, but it will also present your photographer with the opportunity to capture candid and amusing snapshots of your reception. Within this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated a collection of over 150 witty questions for the wedding shoe game. Additionally, you’ll find expert instructions on how to play the game, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions

When engaging in the wedding shoe game (or the newlywed game) during your reception, opt for a selection of predominantly humorous questions to pose to the newly married couple. This game is intended to evoke laughter and mirth among your guests, creating a light-hearted atmosphere.

Here are a few of our personal favorites:

  • Who’s the most likely to sneak peeks at memes while in the bathroom?
  • Who takes charge of banishing spiders from the house?
  • Who’s the meme-sharing champion?
  • Who’s prone to nursing a post-wedding hangover?
  • Who’s inclined to misplace their keys or wallet/purse?
  • Who’s the probable candidate for a speeding ticket?
  • Who boasts the record for most speeding tickets?
  • Who presides over the most exuberant group of friends?
  • Who wears the proverbial pants in the relationship?
  • Who’s most liable to be consumed by hangriness?
  • Who’s the champion of trip and fall moments?
  • Who boasts the wilder family tree?
  • Who’s the midnight snacker of the duo?
  • Who’s likelier to dismiss text messages from pals and family?
  • Who emits the loudest snores?
  • Who’s inclined to doze off on the couch mid-television show?
  • Who earns the title of the ultimate flirt?
  • Who engages in the most conversations with themselves?
  • Who’s most prone to belting out tunes in the car or shower?
  • Who’s grumpier in the morning?
  • Who’s the resident phone addict?
  • Who captures the most selfies?
  • Who’s the inquisitor during movie time?
  • Who assumes the role of a bigger baby when under the weather?
  • Who takes the crown for having smellier feet?
  • Who ignites the most arguments?
  • Who’s the undisputed champion of flatulence?
  • Who’s likely to run out of gas?
  • Who’s the ultimate power-napper, capable of dozing off anywhere?
  • Who reigns supreme in the art of burping?
  • Who would thrive longer on a deserted island without a phone?
  • Who exemplifies unwavering stubbornness?
  • Who triumphs in the last-word contest during disagreements?
  • Who’s responsible for the often-overlooked toilet paper roll replacement?
  • Who boasts the most about their accomplishments?
  • Who’s the undisputed party animal?
  • Who takes the scenic route when recounting stories?
  • Who’s the reigning gossip connoisseur?
  • Who boasted better grades during school years?
  • Who’s the likely victor of impulsive shopping sprees?
  • Who initiated the first romantic move?
  • Who’s most inclined to return home with a stray cat or dog?
  • Who claimed the title of biggest nerd in high school?
  • Who reigned as the class clown during school days?
  • Who spends the most time preparing in the morning?
  • Who’s likelier to help themselves to food from the other’s plate?
  • Who employs expressive hand gestures while speaking?
  • Who’s guilty of snatching the blankets in the dead of night?
  • Who’s the superior kisser in the relationship?
  • Who’s more susceptible to sunburns at the beach?
  • Who excels at safeguarding secrets and surprises?
  • Who’s more likely to lose their way while traveling?
  • Who initiated the first romantic gesture?
  • Who’s the bed hog in the relationship?
  • Who merits the infamous title of worst driver?
  • Who’s the more attractive half of the couple?
  • Who boasts the larger appetite in the relationship?
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Wedding guests laughing at the questions being asked during the shoe game.

Family Friendly Shoe Game Questions (G-Rated Newlywed Questions)

If your concern is to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable without offending anyone, especially grandma or other sensitive guests at your wedding, consider these G-rated questions for The Newlywed Game:

  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Who spends more time on social media?
  • Who is more likely to binge-watch an entire season of their favorite show in one night?
  • Who enjoys sleeping in the most on weekends?
  • Who is the first to acquire the newest iPhone or tech gadget?
  • Who possesses a stronger competitive streak?
  • Who claims the title of the better driver?
  • Who made the decision on the honeymoon destination?
  • Who is the first to utter the words “I’m sorry”?
  • Who requires the most tender care when feeling unwell?
  • Who is the first to shed tears during a sad movie?
  • Who wields control over the TV remote?
  • Who met the in-laws first?
  • Who takes more time to prepare in the morning?
  • Who tends to create more messes around the house?
  • Who shines as the superior dancer?
  • Who maintains the cleaner car?
  • Who devotes the most time to admiring themselves in the mirror?
  • Who takes charge of selecting the dining-out venues?
  • Who is more likely to be delayed?
  • Who garners the title of the best singer?
  • Who displayed more nervousness on your first date?
  • Who excels in the culinary arts?
  • Who boasts a more extensive wardrobe?
  • Who dedicates more time to hairstyling?
  • Who would emerge victorious in a race?
  • Who owns the most pairs of shoes?
  • Who excels in maintaining confidences?
  • Who is the family’s designated comedian?
  • Who takes the lead in fashion sense?
  • Who delights in reciting movie lines?
  • Who exhibits greater handiness around the house?
  • Who footed the bill on the inaugural date?
  • Who specializes in offering the finest gifts?
  • Who is the greater spender?
  • Who expresses more enthusiasm for sports?
  • Who is likelier to exceed their credit card limit while shopping?
  • Who is the fussier eater?
  • Who possesses more patience?
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Playing The Shoe Game or Newlyweds Game

Engaging in the shoe game is a straightforward and delightful endeavor that your wedding guests will undoubtedly relish. Here’s a step-by-step guide to facilitate the process:

  1. Position the bride and groom in chairs back to back at the center of the dance floor, ensuring they are unable to see each other.
  2. Remove a shoe from each of you and hand one shoe to your new spouse. This results in the bride holding one of her own shoes and one belonging to her partner. Similarly, the groom possesses one of each shoe. Alternatively, if shoes aren’t your preference, you can employ objects like the bouquet and a handkerchief, a champagne bottle/beer bottle, or signs labeled “bride/groom.”
  3. Enlist the services of your DJ, maid of honor, or best man to read a sequence of questions tailored to the bride or groom.
  4. Following the reading of each question, both the bride and groom raise the shoe they believe corresponds to the correct person. For instance, if the question is, “Who snores the loudest?” each participant raises the shoe representing the individual they believe to be the noisiest sleeper. The responses may align or diverge.
  5. Conclude the shoe game with a heartwarming question that prompts both players to raise both the groom’s and bride’s shoes (see example below).

A bride and groom playing the newlywed game at their wedding reception.

How do you end the wedding shoe game? Is there a winner?

We propose concluding the shoe game with an affectionate question that prompts both the bride and groom to lift their shoes simultaneously. Consider the following charming questions:

• “Who do you love more than anyone else in the world?”
• “With whom do you wish to share the rest of your life?”
• “Who’s eagerly anticipating the honeymoon?”

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To elicit an exuberant response from your guests, conclude with this question: “Who is the best kisser?” Upon standing and sharing a kiss, raise both the groom’s and bride’s shoes. Anticipate enthusiastic cheers from your loved ones, while your photographer captures the splendid moment!

A bride and groom kissing at the end of the show wedding shoe game.

Real Couples Give Their Opinion of The Shoe Game

Drawing insights from real couples and wedding attendees who have either played or observed the shoe game, we gleaned valuable advice and amusing anecdotes:

“We thoroughly enjoyed it, and our guests were equally delighted! Our key advice is to keep it succinct. It’s advisable to steer clear of generic questions such as ‘Who has more siblings?’ or factual details that are universally known. The most entertaining questions tend to be those reflecting opinions.”

“I’ve witnessed the shoe game at numerous weddings lately, and it never fails to amuse me. However, I attended one where tables were furnished with notecards, and guests contributed questions. This approach was more engaging, and the questions were uproarious. I’d recommend this method if you’re seeking enhanced engagement!”

“Ensure you designate a trustworthy individual to compile questions beforehand—your maid of honor or best man would be ideal for this task. I’d advise against allowing your DJ to select questions unless you’ve provided a pre-approved list. Your DJ doesn’t possess the same level of familiarity with you as your friends and family. Attempting to improvise can lead to awkward moments.”

“I find the shoe game utterly charming when attending as a guest. Keep the questions concise and enjoyable. Ideally, the game should wrap up within a few minutes at most.”

“The shoe game was the single enjoyable game we introduced at our wedding, and it was a hit! The questions we appreciated the most were those like ‘Who excels at this?’ ‘Who engages in this activity more?’ and ‘Who struggles more with this?’ These inquiries induced more laughs among the guests. Instead of shoes, we used a wine bottle and beer bottle.”

“The shoe game resonates with me—I’d omit the factual queries, such as ‘Who has more siblings,’ and focus on the more entertaining and opinion-driven inquiries. As a guest, I’d relish this approach, especially if I’m less acquainted with the bride and groom. It offers a glimpse into their dynamics.”

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