77 He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game (Sample Questions)

The He Said She Said bridal shower game is an exhilarating choice for entertainment at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or lingerie-themed gathering. Make your event unforgettable with this fun-filled activity that is sure to have your guests in fits of laughter and high spirits!

Variations and Names for the Game

This game, known by various names such as the “Nearly-Wed Game,” “Who Said It?” and “How Well Do You Know the Bride/Groom?” offers exciting twists to keep everyone engaged. Here are some creative variations to consider:

  • The Nearly-Wed Game: Test how well the couple knows each other.
  • Who Said It?: Guess who made the statements.
  • How Well Do You Know the Bride?: A challenge for guests to show their knowledge.
  • How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?: A hilarious twist for big laughs.
  • How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom?: Flip the tables and find out.

Playing the Basic Version: Step by Step

  1. A week or two prior to the event, sit down with the couple and record their responses to selected questions (see samples below). This step is more engaging and genuine when done in person, but email works too.
  2. Compile an answer key based on the couple’s responses. If they both agree, attribute the statement to either the bride or groom. If they disagree, mark it as both.
  3. During the event, distribute cards with the questions in the order of the couple’s responses. Provide pencils or pens for guests.
  4. Read each statement aloud for the guests.
  5. Guests circle either the bride, groom, or both, based on their guesses.
  6. After all questions have been read, reveal the correct answers, starting with question #1.
  7. Guests tally their correct answers for a total score.
  8. Determine the winner based on the highest points, and award the chosen prize. Additional prizes for second and third place can enhance the excitement.
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A bride making a funny face at the groom after hearing his answers to the he said she said bridal shower game.

Sample Questions for the He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

Engage your guests with these intriguing questions and statements:

  • “I proposed to him/her.”
  • “I have more patience.”
  • “I take care of spiders in the house.”
  • “I’m a grumpy morning person.”
  • “I’m the clumsy one.”
  • “I’m the better driver.”
  • “I’ll be the first to cry at the wedding.”
  • “I am the better dancer.”
  • “I take the most selfies.”
  • “I steal the covers.”
  • “I’m the funny one.”
  • “I’m most likely to get lost while driving.”
  • “I take longer showers.”
  • “I’m a big baby when sick.”
  • “I pass the most gas.”
  • “I make impulse purchases.”
  • “I’m more involved in wedding planning.”
  • “I snore the loudest.”
  • “I initiated the first kiss.”
  • “I said ‘I love you’ first.”
  • “I’m the most stubborn.”
  • “I’m better at folding laundry.”
  • “I dominate the bed space.”
  • “I own the most shoes.”
  • “I’m the most romantic.”
  • “I control the remote.”
  • “I’m the biggest flirt.”
  • “I have the rowdiest friends.”
  • “I excel at cooking.”
  • “I’m likely to run out of gas while driving.”

A bride laughing after hearing the groom's he said she said bridal shower answers

How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?

For even more amusement, add a hilarious twist to the game by testing how well the groom knows the bride-to-be. This version is particularly entertaining and can be played alongside the basic version for maximum enjoyment.

Playing the Groom’s Knowledge Version: Steps

  1. Pose a series of questions to the groom about his knowledge of the bride. You can use email, audio, or video formats. Audio and video responses add extra humor.
  2. Distribute cards with numbered lines corresponding to the questions you asked the groom.
  3. Read each question aloud and have the bride reveal her answer.
  4. Guests mark “yes” or “no” based on whether they think the groom’s response will match.
  5. Play the groom’s recorded response or read it aloud if using email.
  6. Guests earn a point for each correct guess.
  7. Tally points at the end to determine the winner, with options for second and third place prizes in larger groups.
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A bride and bridesmaids playing the he said she said bridal shower game while drinking champagne

Engaging Questions to Ask the Groom About the Bride

Here are thought-provoking questions to test the groom’s knowledge of the bride-to-be:

  • Who is her celebrity crush?
  • Does she snore?
  • What caught your attention when you first met her?
  • What is her preferred color?
  • Which movie or TV character best represents her personality?
  • Who does she resemble among celebrities?
  • What’s her top pet peeve?
  • What flavor of ice cream does she love?
  • What’s her favorite movie?
  • What’s the first thing she does upon waking?
  • What possession does she treasure most?
  • What habit of yours annoys her the most?
  • What do you think she noticed about you initially?
  • What brings out her most infectious laughter?
  • What’s her go-to drink?
  • What quality of hers do you cherish the most?

Tips for Crafting Questions and Variations

Tip #1: Tailor your questions to your audience. Choose questions that suit the comfort level of your guests. Innocent questions work well for conservative crowds, while you can opt for more daring ones for lingerie or bachelorette parties.

Tip #2: Flip the game to “How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom?” Use the same questions but adjust the pronouns to suit the groom.

A bride laughing after finding out what the groom said during the he said she said bridal shower game

Who Said It? Couple Trivia Questions

Add extra excitement with this entertaining variation:

  1. Gather the couple for a question and answer session, ideally recorded together.
  2. Select the most humorous or sentimental answer for each question.
  3. Present the question and answer to the guests.
  4. Guests guess who said each answer.
  5. Award one point for every correct guess.
  6. Tally the points to determine the winner.
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A bride sneaking up on the groom to be funny

Sample “Who Said It?” Questions and Answers

  1. How many kids do you want?
    • Answer: Groom – “I’m not sure, but I know I want 2 dogs.”
  2. Favorite place you’ve vacationed together?
    • Answer: Bride – “Paris, definitely.”
  3. What nickname do you have for him/her?
    • Answer: Groom – “Lovebug.”
  4. A surprising fact about you the other person might not know?
    • Answer: Bride – “I used to be a competitive chess player.”
  5. What aspect of you do you think attracted him/her first?
    • Answer: Groom – “My sense of humor, without a doubt.”

Game Prizes for Bridal Shower Fun

When selecting game prizes, consider a range of options to accommodate all guests. Here are some great ideas:

  • Candles
  • Gift baskets
  • Spa treatments (support local businesses)
  • Gift cards
  • Wine gifts
  • Cozy socks

Remember to have a variety of prizes to ensure every guest feels included and appreciated. By adding these personalized touches, your bridal shower will become an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, bonding, and memorable moments.

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