Wedding Wedding Reading: The Art of Marriage

Wedding Reading: The Art of Marriage

Wilferd Arlan Peterson’s The Art of Marriage is a classic ceremony reading that is due for a revival; it is sentimental, idealistic, and sweet!

While this ceremony reading has fallen out of favour in recent years, Wilferd Arlan Peterson’s The Art of Marriage is one of the most iconic wedding readings of all time – especially in the United States. And I have a feeling that once you’ve read it, this ode to happily ever after will resonate with a large number of contemporary couples as well! This wedding poem is sensible, practical, clear, and sweet; it is not for couples seeking lofty language or obscure meanings. However, it is sentimental, a little archaic without being archaic, and a little idealistic, which is precisely why we adore it!

And it’s a fortunate one, as this poem was read at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s 1958 wedding in Las Vegas – and they married for 50 years, which is quite unusual for a Hollywood marriage! If that does not convince you to purchase this alternative ceremony reading, I’m not sure what will!

An Excerpt from Wilferd Arlan Peterson’s The Art Of Marriage
• Happiness in marriage is not a byproduct of chance.
• A successful marriage must be developed. In marriage, the small things are significant.
• There is no such thing as being too old to hold hands.
• It’s making a point of saying “I love you” at least once a day.
• It will never sleep angry.
• It is never taking the other for granted; the courtship should not end with the honeymoon but should last for years.
• It is a shared sense of values and common goals.
• It is united in its opposition to the world. It is establishing a circle of love that encompasses the entire family.
• It is doing things for one another out of a spirit of joy, not out of obligation or sacrifice.
• It is expressing gratitude with words and actions.
• It does not seek perfection in others.
• It is developing adaptability, patience, comprehension, and a sense of humour.
• It is the capacity for forgiveness and forgetting.
• It is providing each other with an environment conducive to ageing.
• It is a universal desire to seek out the good and the beautiful.
• It is the establishment of a relationship in which equality of independence, mutual dependence, and reciprocal obligation exist.
• It is not only about marrying the right person; it is also about being the right person.