Bouquets The Most Beautiful Royal Wedding Bouquets

The Most Beautiful Royal Wedding Bouquets

Continuing this week’s theme of Royal Wedding inspiration, today we’re looking at Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet, which, like her wedding gown, accessories, and overall approach to the wedding, was both elegant and understated, while also being unique and dominated by her personal choices.

The royal bouquet, designed by renowned London florist, was a small herald-shaped arrangement of four British flowers – Lily-of-the-Valley, Sweet William, Myrtle, and Hyacinth. It was unusual for its simple white and green palette and was significantly smaller than the norm for a royal bouquet.

However, this was an unmistakable Kate choice. The overall effect was that of a country wedding, which the couple evidently desired – they looked as if she could have picked them on her way to Westminster Abbey from her garden. Of course, as with any lovely simple design, the reality was quite different – each stem of lily of the valley was apparently handwired into place, and before you head to your florist to request the same, please keep in mind that lily of the valley, while native and seasonal, is not inexpensive. However, for a Princess, it was ideal.

When choosing her bouquet, Kate drew inspiration from Queen Victoria’s famous flower language, in which each flower carries significance and sends out a unique signal that can be deciphered by those with the ability to read the clues. The messages concealed in the royal bouquet should include the following:

Lily of the Valley: dependable, pure of heart, and sweet

Sweet William :embodies perfection and gallantry, as well as, in Kate’s case, a more direct reference to her groom.

Myrtle: a symbol of hope and love

Hyacinth: activity, recreation, and constancy

It is entirely up to you how you interpret the bride and her feelings for the groom, as well as her hopes for their married life together, but for me, it paints a picture of a very sweet, romantic, and genuine relationship. It’s a testament to the years they’ve spent together, how they’ve built a union they want to last forever, and how remaining lighthearted and grounded is the bedrock of their married life.