Looking for a way to bring the colors of the season alive on your wedding day without screaming “FALL WEDDING”? How about a dark teal color? It’s moody, a little edgy, and reminds me of rich jewel tones. When you pair it with burnt orange, it’s absolutely perfect for fall. What’s great about teal is that it can work well with so many different colors. If you are in the pursuit for the perfect color combos to take your wedding event up a notch, maybe you can try to match teal with different popular wedding colors.Here are 8 teal color combos in fall season we love for 2020.

  • Teal + Red

  • Teal + Burgundy

  • Teal + Gold

  • Teal + Orange

  • Teal + Peach

  • Teal + Hot Pink

  • Teal + Purple

  • Teal + Mustard