Bags Our Favorite Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Our Favorite Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

A handy guide for spoiling your nearest and dearest!

Wedding welcome bags are such a thoughtful gesture, especially if you have international guests or guests travelling to your destination wedding. A long-standing tradition among couples in the United States, welcome totes or guest goodie bags are gaining popularity in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and today we’re sharing some ideas for what to include in them, as well as our top tips for creating a stunning and highly personalised swag bag for your guests.

What are Welcoming Bags for Weddings?

Wedding welcome bags are essentially goodie bags for your guests, the majority of whom will be out-of-town. They’re an excellent way to say ‘Hello, we’re delighted to have you here!’ and to express gratitude to your guests for travelling to your wedding. Along with small treats, wedding welcome bags frequently include information about your celebration and the surrounding area.

What to Include in Wedding Welcome Bags: A Convenient Checklist

As is the case with all of our checklists, the following run-down is fully customizable. In short, keep the ideas that appeal to you and discard the rest!

  • Water – a custom label would be adorable!
  • Snacks, whether sweet or savoury – cookies, popcorn, crisps, or sweets – are an excellent idea, even more so when they are region-exclusive (think Tayto in Ireland, shortbread biscuits in Scotland, a stick of rock by the seaside, etc.)
  • Apples, oranges, and bananas are the simplest fruits to pack in a goodie bag.
  • Champagne miniatures or miniature alcoholic beverages
  • A postcard, refrigerator magnet, or other local memento
    Weather essentials – for warm-weather weddings, this could include miniature bottles of sunscreen, after-sun, or bug spray; for other climates, ponchos, hand warmers, and umbrellas are all good options.
  • A miniature hangover kit containing pain relievers, eye masks, and a vitamin tablet or sachet!

  • A cosmetic or grooming item, such as soap or lip balm
  • Something that expresses your personalities or a favourite pastime – a sachet of tea, a deck of cards, or a candle are all excellent choices.
  • If they will be travelling with children, they should bring a small toy or activity book.
  • A wedding weekend itinerary – don’t forget to include your wedding hashtag, if you have one.
  • A guidebook or map of the area – some couples even create their own with their favourite local hotspots included!
  • A thank-you card or note – guests will appreciate a simple note expressing your delight at having them!
  • A lovely bag, box, basket, or tote to store everything – some couples have their own canvas tote bags printed, while others purchase plain carrier bags and tie gift tags around the handles.

Suggestions for Assembling Your Wedding Welcome Bags

  1. Enlist the assistance of your bridal party or family members in packing and distributing bags to the venue or hotel. I adore the idea of guests discovering their welcome bags upon their arrival (this is exactly what we did for our wedding!).
  2. Keep it simple and keep in mind that you do not have to fill the entire thing – your guests do not want to lug a bunch of extra stuff home.
  3. Ascertain that favours or gifts are appropriate for travelling guests to take home. If they cannot fit it in their luggage or pass it through security, remove it from the list! The only exception to this rule is for small food, beverage, and cosmetic items, which your guests will almost certainly consume during their visit.
  4. Consider each individual guest when packing your wedding welcome bags, and enlist the assistance of your assistants. For instance, not all guests will be able to consume alcohol.
  5. Make them unique! A small touch makes a big difference, so if you have the time, it’s worth adding name tags and a handwritten note.