Our Favorite Wedding Jumpsuits for 2020

Wedding jumpsuits. Ah, what a novel concept! Who would have thought that folx getting married might actually enjoy wearing something that is super comfortable and practical? Not saying that fancy gowns aren’t great (we love a good gown around here) but if you’re the type of person that lives your day-to-day in the comfort of jeans and a t-shirt, and the thought of wearing a fancy dress for an extended period of time makes you feel a little like crawling out of your skin, a wedding jumpsuit might just be for you.

Lucky for all of us, we’ve gone from wedding jumpsuits being a good idea, but not exactly an idea that was on the market, to truly endless options. Gone are the days of 2014, when J. Crew debuted its first wedding jumpsuit and the media collectively lost their minds: Would anyone wear it? Who would buy it? Spoiler alert: Yes, and it sold out almost immediately. Designers and fast fashion companies have started to add high-fashion elements like trains and capes (thanks, Solange), skirts, and sequins (lots of sequins) to the mix and WE ARE HERE FOR IT. But in reality, I think designers are catching on to the idea that some folx really just enjoy an option with pants, and we need a better selection to choose from.
If you aren’t ready to fully commit to wearing a jumpsuit to your wedding ceremony or maybe you really want to wear a killer dress AND a jumpsuit (we’re not judging), you have so many opportunities to wear one pre- and post-wedding day. Wedding related events, such as your: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal, and reception provide plenty of opportunities to bust out your favorite jumpsuit.

Whether you want to turn heads in something like this or you just want an outfit you feel damn good in, no matter what color it comes in, or you just want some damn pockets (seriously, more pockets!) we’ve got you covered. So if you show up in a sequin wedding jumpsuit instead of a traditional gown, will your great-aunt clutch her pearls? Maybe. But pearls are made for clutching. And if you need some more wedding jumpsuit inspiration, you can find that right here.

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