Wedding How to Play the Newlywed Game: Tips and Sample Questions

How to Play the Newlywed Game: Tips and Sample Questions

So you’re planning a bachelorette party and want to begin with a lighthearted icebreaker. We’ve got just the thing for you: a classic bachelorette party game guaranteed to make your guests laugh! Today, we’re sharing our top 50 Newlywed Game questions, as well as our cheat sheet for this popular bachelorette party game! All you need to do is add Champagne and you’re ready to go!

The Newlywed Game: How to Play
Begin by selecting a few questions from the list below. It should take between 15 and 20 minutes! Additionally, you can include some of your own to make it more personal for the couple.
Now, print two copies of your questions and give one to the groom (or absent partner, if the couple is same-sex!) to answer. We’ve found that filming them giving their responses works best for a multi-media spin on The Newlywed Game!
Provide the bride with a second copy of the questions at the bachelorette party (along with the all-important Champagne!) and have her respond. After each response from the bride, reveal her partner’s response to determine if they agree!
That is truly all there is to it! Additionally, you can impose a penalty for incorrect answers, such as shots, dares, or booby prizes, to increase the stakes.

Simply keep in mind that the Newlywed Game questions you choose should not be overly serious. Consider your audience and exercise caution when selecting questions or creating your own – you do not want to embarrass or make the bride feel uneasy, especially if her mother or future mother-in-law is in attendance!

Our Top 50 Questions About the Newlywed Game

We do not recommend that you use all 50 of these questions (a two-hour-long Newlywed Game would consume valuable dancing time!), so simply choose your top 15 or 20!


  1. What were they wearing on their initial date?
  2. Who is their embarrassment-inducing fling?
  3. Who is the more skilled kisser?
  4. Which zodiac sign do they belong to?
  5. What is their peculiarity?
  6. Who was the first to say, ‘I love you’?
  7. Who is the most orderly?
  8. Who is the most talented cook?
  9. Who is the most likely to come into contact with a spider?
  10. Which Disney character do they resemble the most?
  11. What is their most heinous habit?
  12. What is your pet name?
  13. What is the most likely reason they will end up in jail?
  14. What is the most likely reason for them to go viral?
  15. What is their favourite characteristic of you?
  16. What is their favourite feature?
  17. Which pizza toppings are their favourites?
  18. How big is her bra size?
  19. What is the size of his shoes?
  20. Which film did you see together for the first time?
  21. Which film is their personal favourite?
  22. What would their final meal be?
  23. Would they prefer to spend an evening with you at home or on the town?
  24. What are your most likely points of contention?
  25. What is their preferred potato chip flavour?
  26. What would they eat if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives?
  27. Who has the most illegible handwriting?
  28. Which celebrity couple most resembles you?
  29. What would be your partner’s ideal job, if not the one they currently hold?
  30. What is their most prized possession, or the item they would save if they were caught in a fire (aside from you!)?
  31. How does your companion take his or her tea or coffee?
  32. How do you prefer your partner’s eggs cooked?
  33. Which theme would they choose if they could throw a party?
  34. Who is the more skilled driver?
  35. What is their ideal automobile?
  36. What is their all-time favourite karaoke song?
  37. Who has the most ex-girlfriends?
  38. Which celebrity would they choose if they were stranded on a desert island?
  39. If they’re attempting to be cool, what is their favourite film/band/TV show?
  40. If they’re being completely candid, what is their favourite film/band/TV show?
  41. What was the name of their first pet?
  42. What is their preferred item of clothing that you wear?
  43. Which article of clothing do you despise the most?
  44. Who would win a Monopoly game?
  45. What is their greatest apprehension?
  46. What is their favourite ice cream flavour?
  47. Who would their phone-a-friend be if they were on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’?
  48. What was the best gift you’ve ever received?
  49. How would your partner spend the money if they won the lottery?
  50. Who will be the most inebriated following the wedding?

That concludes our discussion! 50 Newlywed Game questions that are sure to make your guests laugh!