Wedding 12 Best Wedding Website Builders in 2022

12 Best Wedding Website Builders in 2022

Want a wedding website but not sure where to start?

What is the purpose of a wedding website?

A wedding website is a website devoted to your wedding, where guests can learn all they need to know ahead of time. They often feature a part for your storey, a wedding day itinerary, information about your gift list, information about your location, routes, and lodgings, and an RSVP function. While most of our favourite wedding website builders offer all of the typical capabilities, they differ in terms of style, affordability, usability, and design and function options.

For Engaged Couples, the Best Wedding Website Builders


Joy is not only a cool (and incredibly simple to use!) wedding website builder, but it also allows you to create your own wedding app. Joy allows you to create a guest list and manage RSVPs, as well as share information about your wedding, bridal party, and gift registry. You can use it to send paperless Save the Dates and invitations, or if you’d prefer to have stationery printed to match the style of your website, Joy’s print partner, Paperlust, makes it simple with convenient international shipping!

From its ability to import spreadsheets to its feature that allows guests to upload their own photos from your day (and maintain control over what is shared on social media! ), Joy is a one-stop-shop for all the tools that make wedding planning a little bit easier. Additionally, it aids in the connection of your guests prior to and following your wedding – just in case you were planning to play Cupid with your seating arrangements!

Cost: None!

Use this one if: You’re looking for a single online tool that does everything (and does it well!)

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Getting Married

If you have two minutes to spare, you have enough time to create a stunning, comprehensive, and, most importantly, mobile-friendly wedding website with Getting Married. This extremely user-friendly website builder based in the United Kingdom offers a variety of stunning designs, including minimalist, rustic, and romantic options.

While Getting Married covers all the essentials, some of its more interesting features include the ability to crowdsource photos from the big day and the ability to share venue maps (which means there are no excuses for tardiness or last-minute text messages!) and the option to integrate your Prezola wedding gift registry with your website, allowing you to discreetly direct guests toward the gifts you truly desire. There’s a reason it’s the most popular wedding website service in the United Kingdom!

Cost: None

Use this one if: You want the best of both worlds, i.e. a beautiful site that is quick to set up!

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Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey is a chic wedding website builder that enables couples to not only create a beautiful website, but also track RSVPs, share accommodation information, collect guests’ dietary restrictions, and even compile a playlist. You can also include additional events on the site, such as a day-after gathering, and specify details such as dress codes and how to get between the ceremony and reception. Oh, and the templates from which they can choose are absolutely stunning!

€196 for a 12-month subscription or €28 per month (converted from USD)

Use this one if: You adore design and desire a site that exudes luxury.

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Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a well-known website builder for weddings in the United States, offering a variety of templates ranging from traditional or rustic backgrounds to more modern designs. Compatible with both mobile and tablet devices, this app also allows you to upload a custom photo backdrop – ideal for an engagement shoot photo! – Wedding Wire enables you to customise your URL and track RSVPs.

Cost: None

Use this if: You’re looking for something extremely simple with few features.

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While we’re big fans of Google Sheets for wedding planning, we were sceptical of Google Sites, the company’s own website builder. A blank canvas with some basic fonts and themes, this may be an excellent resource for someone who knows exactly how they want their site to look (and how to make it happen), though it can be a little fiddly to put together for novices in comparison to other dedicated tools.

Cost: None

This is the one to use if: You are a devoted Google user who is willing to spend some time figuring out how it all works.

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While the themes on eWedding are more traditional than those on other design-driven sites, they do include some useful features such as extensive customisation options, a relationship timeline, and a text RSVP tool. Even better, it’s less expensive than some other premium website builders.

Price: Free with a €12.50 monthly fee for premium features

Utilize this one if you’re looking for a highly customizable design or you’re intrigued by the concept of creating a relationship timeline!

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The Knot

Directory of mega-weddings in the United States Additionally, The Knot offers a free wedding website builder. The selection of over 100 designs is quite impressive, and unusually for a free option, you get your own custom URL. Your site will be responsive to mobile devices, and you will have the option of collecting guest photos via Facebook and Instagram. WINNING, WINNING, WINNING.

Cost: None

Use this one if: You want an attractive and simple-to-create wedding website.

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Wix is a highly customizable website builder that is popular with businesses looking to get online quickly and affordably. They’ve created a collection of wedding templates tailored specifically for couples. Simply select a template and edit the text and images to make it uniquely yours. It’s a little finicky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly simple. You can upgrade to get a fully customized URL and to have the Wix logo removed from your site entirely.

Cost: None (premium plans vary in price depending on your needs)

Use this one if: You’re looking for a wedding website that isn’t quite a wedding website.

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Like Wix, SquareSpace, is a generic website builder that is slick and simple to use. There is no coding required; simply drag and drop to customise your wedding website. SquareSpace also includes a helpful video tutorial that walks you through the setup process and demonstrates how to collect RSVPs, dietary restrictions, and playlist selections.

Monthly fee of €11

Use this one if: You want an easy-to-create website that also looks good!

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Appy Couple

Appy Couple’s template collection is both expansive and beautiful, featuring guest designs by prominent figures in fashion and design. Couples can also use the same style on paper goods. However, this website builder is more than just a pretty face; it’s incredibly easy to use, completely customizable, and equipped with every feature imaginable.


Use this one if: You desire a luxurious experience that is both stylish and functional.

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While Minted is a household name in the United States for wedding stationery, their shift toward wedding websites has necessitated the conversion of their massive collection of beautiful designs for digital use. A highly interactive site, each template is easily customizable – you don’t have to be a web developer to create an entirely unique design. Additionally, you can customize your stationery to match your website.

Cost: None

Use this one if: You want to be creative but lack technical ability!

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Offering a drag-and-drop wedding website builder, Wedsites also includes features for managing your guest list, budget, and to-do list. If you opt for the premium package, you can use Wedsites to plan and host your wedding live stream, which will help ensure that the day runs smoothly.


Use this one if you’re planning a virtual wedding as a result of Covid and have some budget leftover.

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