photography 9 Creative ways to use Instax at your Wedding

9 Creative ways to use Instax at your Wedding

You know how much we enjoy sharing unique ways to inject some personality and fun into your wedding. However, for those of us who are not particularly crafty, the prospect of hand-painting signs or stitching our own bunting can be quite daunting. That is why we have partnered with instax to bring you some easy-to-create wedding ideas. Because instax prints are so versatile, they can be used throughout your wedding, from inventive DIY projects to simple finishing touches that don’t require a PhD or a glue gun. And what better way to add a personal touch than with a photograph! To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of nine creative ways to incorporate instax instant photography into your wedding, from the table plan to the top of the cake!

1. DIY instax Photo Booth

To begin, this is a fairly popular one! A wedding photo booth is always a good idea; there’s something about the props (or perhaps it’s the time of evening!) that encourages everyone to let their hair down in front of the camera. Establishing your own DIY photo booth does not require adding another task to your never-ending to-do list; in fact, the instax Wedding Bundle, which includes an instax mini 9 camera, includes everything you need!

2. An instax Table Plan

Want to ensure that your guests feel welcomed from the moment they enter your reception? Create a table plan in instax. Not only does this one provide an entertaining talking point for your guests, but you’ll have a blast photographing it in the months leading up to your wedding. Alternatively, if you wish to use smartphone images, an instax SHARE printer can convert them to prints in a matter of seconds.

3. instax Table Names

Couples are becoming increasingly inventive with their table numbers, and you and your significant other will have a blast creating photo table names or numbers using instax photos. From creating table numbers with your arms (YMCA style!) to photographing your favourite places and naming the tables after them, the possibilities for truly personalising this event are endless.

4. Make instax Place Cards

Make a habit of taking numerous instax photos throughout your engagement or select a memory, and then leave a place card with your favourite shot of each guest. To add an extra special touch, write them a personalised note expressing your joy at having them be a part of your day.

5. Opt for an instax Guest Book

Many couples tell us they’ve never read their guest book – well-wishes scribbled at 1 a.m. aren’t always the most legible! Instead, opt for an instax guest book for something you’ll cherish and admire forever. Establish a guest book station and then assign a couple of trustworthy snappers to kick things off, or leave an instructional sign. By the end of the night, your book will be brimming with amusing photographs that you can pore over the following morning. Everything you need to get started is included in the instax Wedding Bundle.

6. Create a Wedding Photo Wall

An instax wedding photo wall can be used in two different ways. You could compile a collection of your favourite instax shots from over the years; parties, holidays, and Christmas, and display them at your wedding as a sort of couples’ version of ‘This is Your Life’ for your guests to enjoy. Alternatively, you could display the instax photos taken by your wedding guests; they could be hung on string with mini pegs or attached to a board with tacks. A straightforward focal point for any type of reception.

7. instax Cake Toppers

We adore the concept of a unique cake topper, and creating your own instax versions is a unique way to personalise your wedding cake. You could be kissing across two snaps, pulling faces, or even photographing yourself in all your wedding finery on the day of your wedding.

8. instax Save the Dates

This is such an adorable way to customise your save the dates (or thank you cards!). Take a series of fun photographs of you and your significant other and send them to your guests as one-of-a-kind save-the-date cards. You can get creative with this one by creating a backing card with your wedding details or attaching a magnet to allow your guests to display it on their refrigerators – and don’t forget to include your all-important wedding date!

9. Hen Party or Honeymoon Memory Book

While this isn’t strictly for weddings, it’s close enough! We all take photos on our phones at hen parties and while on vacation, but how frequently do we print them out to keep? Making an instax memory book, whether it’s from your hen or stag party, your honeymoon, or even the run-up to your wedding, is a lovely way to preserve your memories in perpetuity and to cherish them with a physical, IRL memento.