Hairstyles 29 Inspirational Retro Wedding Hairstyles

29 Inspirational Retro Wedding Hairstyles

A twenties babe or a sixties vixen? We’ve found your look!

I frequently believe that I was born in the wrong decade; such is my passion for all things retro, that I can’t express how content I am with my vintage style! If, like me, you adore the glamour and timeless style of bygone eras and want to incorporate a vintage wedding hairstyle into your wedding day look, you’ve come to the right place! From bold beehives and retro pin curls to delicate chignons and finger waves, here are some of our favourite vintage wedding hairstyles…

1. This fabulous 1940s victory roll hairstyle is positively dripping with vintage whimsy.

2. For an elegant bridal hairstyle with a hint of vintage romance, this soft beehive paired with a twisted french roll up-do is ideal. Complete the look with a birdcage veil for an extra touch of romance.

3. We are completely smitten with this bride’s 1950s film star waves.

4. A soft beehive and a chic chignon are simply adorable when tied together with a bow.

5. A traditional beehive is the ideal complement to a vintage veil!6. Cheryl, a vintage-loving bride, and her bridesmaids all wore victory rolls in their hair; we adore this look paired with a retro red lip.

6. Cheryl, a vintage-loving bride, and her bridesmaids all wore victory rolls in their hair; we adore this look paired with a retro red lip.

7. Emma’s bridal gown oozes 1930s glamour! Her gorgeous Hollywood waves complement her decadent vintage veil perfectly.

8. These flawless Marcel finger waves infuse this Great Gatsby-inspired bridal look with Glamour with a capital G.ten. Oh, the glitz! Pearls elevate this roaring twenties ensemble to new heights.

9. We adore this bride’s pin curls, which would have looked fantastic on Gatsby’s dance floor.

10. Oh, the glitz! Pearls elevate this roaring twenties ensemble to new heights.

11. A vow renewal in Las Vegas requires a retro hairstyle to match! Pin curls, a victory roll, and sleek bangs highlight this epic teased coif.

12. The combination of a chignon and a loose victory roll creates an incredible look when paired with the vintage-inspired flower crown.

13. This gentle wave that ends in a lovely brushed-out curl adds Hollywood glamour to mid-length hair.

14. The most adorable beehive paired with a dried flower crown…The ideal hairstyle for a flower power bride from the 1960s!

15. Inspired by Grace Kelly, this vintage Hollywood look is swept into a one-sided bob with a softly lifted wave.

16. This low victory roll styled in a chignon is ideal for showcasing some glistening vintage earrings.

17. In our opinion, full retro waves and a sparkly birdcage veil are a vintage winner.

18. This chignon-meets-victory-rolls ensemble is retro polished to the max.

19. This feminine ballerina bun elevates the top knot to new heights. Perfect for pairing with a gown inspired by the 1970s.

21. Polished Hollywood waves combined with a bold red lip equals vintage glamour at its finest. Massive heart eyes for bride Cat’s roaring twenties ensemble.

Tips for a Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

  • Still undecided on an era or style? Consult our more comprehensive Guide to Vintage Wedding Hairstyles.
  • Retro and vintage hairstyles are frequently more time consuming to achieve, requiring a plethora of products, teasing, and equipment, so don’t expect these masterpieces to be quick!
  • When researching a particular era, we recommend researching celebrities from that era as well as brides to achieve a truly vintage look.
  • Make sure you’re happy with the final look during your hair trial – if you don’t love something during the trial, chances are you won’t love it on your wedding day!
  • While it’s important to have an idea of the hairstyle you want for your wedding day, bring several variations to your hair trial rather than one specific look. While your stylist may be unable to replicate the exact style, having a few examples on hand will assist them in creating something similar.
  • Inquire with your hairstylist about how to prepare your hair for your wedding morning – they will typically request that it be left unwashed to make it easier to work with.
  • To maintain a polished and neat appearance, keep an ample supply of hairpins and hair spray on hand or stashed with your trusted bridesmaids.