Dresses 27 Gorgeous Green Bridal Party Dresses for Every Season

27 Gorgeous Green Bridal Party Dresses for Every Season

From olive to apple to emerald, we’re flying the flag for this versatile hue

To be completely candid, I’m quite biassed toward this one. Green is my favourite colour; it’s patriotic (if you’re Irish! ), versatile, and flattering on everyone. Everyone, I mean it! That is why I am perplexed as to why more brides do not choose green bridesmaids dresses. Green bridesmaids dresses can be elegant or casual, they work for boho or black tie weddings, they work well as mix and match bridesmaids dresses, and they come in a variety of shades from olive to emerald, apple to lime (okay, lime probably does not look good on everyone!). With so many shades to choose from (we heard there are 40!) and a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from, we did some scouting and came up with 27 stunning green bridesmaid dress looks to inspire you when dressing your own leading ladies.

1. Wrap necklines, gold belts, and a stunning hue – we adore Blaithnaid’s bridesmaids’ stunning ensemble.

2. Choosing a statement colour for your bridesmaids does not preclude you from going bold with your bouquets as well.

3. We are in love with the rich teal colour and the elegant flowing bows on this Rewritten bridesmaid dress – it comes in contrasting mix-and-match styles!

4. In mint green with art deco-inspired beaded embellishment, these dresses are ideal for a vintage-inspired soiree.

5. This frilled wrap gown is available in several shades of green and would be ideal for a summer celebration.

6. Are you looking for a way to break up the green? A lace or sequin top in a complementary colour will give your girls a unique, modern appearance.

7. Create a subtle ombre effect by alternating between shades of sage green and bright apple.

8. Khaki is the ideal shade of green for your bridesmaids.

9. Catharine, an Irish bride, allowed her bridesmaids to mix and match their green bridesmaid dresses and jumpsuits.

10. Add some sequins to your sisters’ or maid of honor’s dresses to make them stand out, while the remaining bridesmaids can rock their own style in chic convertible dresses.

11. These mixed-and-matched green and navy bridesmaids gowns transport us to the tropics.

12. The muted olive green hue, combined with the loose wrap style of these bridesmaid dresses, creates an air of calm, relaxation, and beauty.

13. Maintain the same colour and texture for your green gowns, but allow your bridesmaids to choose their own silhouette.

14. While this vibrant green is not for everyone, I believe these turquoise dresses add a fun pop of colour, especially when paired with those vibrant bouquets.

15. Easy-to-wear green wrap dresses look even cooler when paired with patterned dresses for a unique bridesmaid look.

16. For pale complexions, a rich, forest green is a flattering choice!

17. Separates are a popular bridesmaid trend, and these striped green skirts are so bright and preppy!

18. Are you considering a winter wedding? We adore this opulent dark green gown styled with a fur stole.

19. Transform your bridal party with these chic convertible jumpsuits.

20. What about green velvet? We can’t think of a more opulent pairing. Jess, a real bride, chose these stunning gowns for her bridesmaids – see more of her day here.

21. With barely a hint of green, these pale mint bridesmaids dresses offer a refreshing alternative to the nude or blush tones that are so popular right now.

22. We had to include this stunning bridal party lineup to demonstrate how versatile (and downright stunning!) green can be when paired with other colours.

23. In our opinion, bright emerald is always a winner – don’t these ladies look stunning in their luxe green bridesmaid gowns?

24. The same petrol shade, two completely different gowns – these identical bridesmaids look stunning!

25. A sailor dress silhouette lends a chic vintage vibe to these custom green dresses.

26. Stunning from behind – forest green is another shade that works well for any wedding and complements a wide variety of colour palettes.

27. Are those sage sequins? We don’t mind at all!

28. Don’t you think the deep teal hue and long sleeves make these dresses impossibly elegant?

29. Am I seeing bridesmaids or mermaids? Consider these emerald-sparkling gowns!